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The area of Family law can cause significant anxiety and stress for individuals. Not every case needs to be a contested dispute or include a battle of wills. In many cases, the matter can be resolved in a cooperative fashion. Our firm has particular sensitivity towards children’s issues. We guide our clients through a problem-solving approach that respects both parents and provides the children with an optimal opportunity to remain unaffected by separation and divorce.


The case management system at the Manitoba Court of King’s Bench provides a venue for resolving issues. In those unfortunate circumstances when the only remedy rests in a judicial decision, our office attends the Family Division of the Manitoba Court of King’s Bench and Court of Appeal as required by the circumstances.


Cohabitation Agreements and Spousal Agreements require particular care and attention. Our office assists many individuals who re-partner later in life. Whenever possible, we attempt to minimize conflict without compromising solutions.

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