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Bargen Brown LLP, like all businesses, is committed to providing our clients with the same level of service during the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Our office has put into place safety precautions and procedures for our staff and client. 


At this time, our office remains open from 9:00AM to 5:00PM from Monday to Friday.  We are asking all clients to communicate with our office via telephone or email at this time, if possible. 


For those clients who have court appearances at the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench or the Manitoba Court of Appeal, we have received a directive that all court appearances except for the direst of emergencies, have been cancelled.  This means that our expectations for Case Conferences, Pre-trials, and Trials that have already been set will likely not occur.  We are already working cooperatively with the Manitoba Justice Department to ascertain how quickly matters can be rescheduled for hearings.  Court related work such as Examinations for Discovery or Settlement Conferences are temporarily delayed. 


For those clients not affected by the temporary postponement of court related matters, please be aware that various other Government related institutions that our office regularly engages have significantly reduced their work hours, staff and accessibility.  Some matters relating to Grants of Probate might be delayed.  Matters relating to real property transactions, ongoing incorporation matters at The Companies Office and other business-related institutions are temporarily reducing their hours or accessibility and staff.  Bargen Brown LLP is making our best efforts to ensure your ongoing financial and business related matters receive attention. 


Our office remains open electronically (email) and by telephone.  If we are forced to close due to a “Stay-at-home Order” whether issued by the City of Winnipeg, Province of Manitoba or Government of Canada, we will take all steps to remain accessible to our clients via email and to continue to work on all client files on a priority basis. 


We trust this keeps you current.  We trust that you are safe and encourage you to follow the health procedures and social distancing recommendations. 

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